This three-day two-night private tour caters for those interested in exploring Kangaroo Island with a particular focus on the food and beverage scene. The Island community has, over the past 20 years, expanded from a traditional grain and grazing base to include a diversity of wild-catch and farmed seafood, olive oil, honey, wines, micro-brewed beer, gin and free range eggs.

The three days incorporate the iconic landscape and wildlife encounters the Island is famous for with daily elegant al fresco lunches using as much local product as possible including a choice of local wines, beer and soft drinks. As this is a private package, there are alternate activities which can be substituted, and we recommend setting up the priority activities in advance to ensure availability.


Day 1

Travel through some of the Island’s best farming country where you will, depending on season, see sheep and cattle grazing, a range of grains growing and understand the mix of natural and productive landscapes typical of Kangaroo Island.   At Lathami Conservation Park take a walk through the bush with your guide –  learning what makes that noise, whose tracks are those, and who left THAT little pile there? Look for wallabies almost extinct on the mainland, a kangaroo found only on Kangaroo Island and learn about some strange Australian birds, plants and animals. Stokes Bay is our next location where you access a beautiful hidden beach, offshore of which many Island families fish for the table, targeting a range of delicious sea fish.

Break for a barbecue lunch at a private bush camp on “Ellamatta” sheep stud where you can learn more about Island grazing systems. Lunch features King George whiting, grilled halloumi, fresh salads and a choice of local wines. Continue by road to Seal Bay and take a private tour into the Australian Sea-lion colony with your guide where the sea-lions, who are also keen fishermen, rest up between foraging trips of several days. Look out for pups nursing from their mother, young males practising their wrestling skills and big bulls staking out their territory. 

End the day tasting some of the wines from one of two of our best-connected wineries – either Jacques Lurton’s “Islander Estate Vineyard” or Joch Bosworth who has “Spring Seed” and “Battle of Bosworth” wines in McLaren Vale as well as a yet-to-be-disclosed Kangaroo Island label.

Day 2

Start the day in an olive grove with tastings of fruit and a couple of oils – the Mediterranean climate of the Island being perfect for olive production. Next take a peek into “Fryar’s Free-range Eggs” farm which for reasons of farm biosecurity we cannot enter but we will share some of the production system facts with you which includes the use of Italian shepherd dogs called “Maremmas” and the 60,000 free-range hens forage across the farmland and collectively deliver 15,000 dozen delicious eggs every week. 

The protected waters of American River produce smooth and creamy Pacific oysters with a fresh minerally taste – we get to try some of these at the source accompanied by a crisp local white wine. 

Break for a platter of smoked meats, salads and home-made chutneys with a choice of local wines, beer and soft drink before continuing to Clifford’s Honey Farm for an introduction to our 130-year-old honey industry and a taste of some of the diverse flavours foraged from nectars across the Island.

End the day with a Gin & Tonic or if you are keen, a more immersive tasting of the full range of gins and liqueurs at Kangaroo Island Spirits, one of Australia’s first boutique gin distilleries.

Day 3

Travel to the wild west end with a break for morning tea at a local organic orchard before continuing to explore some of the wilderness of over one hundred thousand hectares. This region has been guarded against development in a series of conservation parks, a national park and wilderness protection areas which had their genesis in 1888.

Explore the massive natural shapes of Remarkable Rocks where the abstract forms look like a meeting of the minds of Henry Moore and Salvador Dali. Perched on the cliffs with panoramic views this location offers plenty of great photo opportunities. A short drive away, a boardwalk leads down to Admirals Arch – a coastal grotto which provides a haul out for a large colony of long-nosed fur-seals who swim effortlessly through the crashing waves. We can see the seals swimming in the rockpools and resting on the smooth rock ledges.

Lunch today is a picnic enjoyed on the cliff tops or sheltered in the bush depending on weather and consists of poached chicken, local cheeses, fresh fruit, a salad prepared on the spot and a choice of fine Kangaroo Island wines.

After lunch, take in some of the displays within the Rocky River park interpretive centre which interprets some of the earliest human occupation of the Island and gives an insight to what Indigenous Australians survived or even thrived on – a selection of items foraged, hunted and fished from the local environment.

If time permits take a look at a recently developed local horticulture industry which uses the “clean and green” attributes of the Island to produce seed potatoes certified to be devoid of the blights and diseases which hamper commercial potato production elsewhere.


Three days private touring with home-baked morning tea served with traditional Australian treats; alfresco lunches with a choice of local wines, beer, soft drinks and spring water; access to field guides, binoculars and maps; and all necessary National Parks fees.


We recommend this programme for those with an interest in food and wine production. There is flexibility to alter the itinerary, and the order of events may change due to logistics such as accommodation location, seasonality and weather conditions.

Other activities (which may attract an additional fee) that can be scheduled include:
  • A gin-blending Masterclass at Kangaroo Island Spirits
  • An in-depth tour of the food preparation training and aquaponics system at Parndana Campus, Kangaroo Island Community Education
  • Aquaculture production of marron – an endemic Australian freshwater crayfish
  • Taking a look at the wild-catch abalone operations featuring shark cages to protect divers sharing their workplace with Great White Sharks – subject to seasonality
  • A visit to Kangaroo Island Brewery – subject to days of operation.