At Exceptional Kangaroo Island, we host a large number of guests from many different countries around the world. Find out what they have to say about our services and experiences.

“Best morning homemade snacks and coffee served on an elegant table complete with tablecloth, real silverware and real cups. We never saw so many koalas in trees, kangaroos and wallabies on the land and sea lions too. Very amazing and beautiful waters and rock formations too. By far the best lunches of any tours we were on. Great food was shared with new friends on elegant tableclothed table with wine beer and soft drinks too. He always allowed any participant to sit up front and he explained much about the island life as he drove. He always stopped whenever a great photo opportunity presented itself. A truly memorable 5 star experience.”
Monica Mutt – Sioux Falls, USA

“We loved our visit to Kangaroo Island. It is so beautiful. Our tour guide was nice and knowledgeable and did everything she could to make our visit special. Thank you!”
Risa, Daniel, Sara, Lily and Samuel – Canada

“Amazing tour that exceeded all expectations. The guide was unbelievable knowledgeable and showed us some of the great parts of KI. Best day of our honeymoon, just because of this tour. Thanks!”
David and Lucy – UK

“I am conscious of value for money… the guided tour, the guides themselves and the fabulous lunches were excellent.” 
Rosalie – Ontario, Canada

“Our guides were excellent – knowledgeable and very personable” 
Gerald and Norma – Hawaii, USA

“It was definitely one of the highlights to our trip to Australia.” 
Carmen & Jorn – Germany

“My trip got me to visit six states, albeit briefly in some. The two days of Kangaroo Island were the highlights. The very high quality of the tour for small groups, riding in backroads with knowledgable guides who are also competent chefs in a unique setting is a memorable experience.” 
Myron – Ontario, Canada

“We very much enjoyed your tour and superb cooking. It was the best meal we had during the whole trip.” 
Paul & Yoko – Hong Kong

“It was a spectacular and memorable experience being with you on Kangaroo Island” 
John – Arizona, USA

“This family owned tour operator is the best I have ever taken a tour with! The guide was enthusiastic, humorous and very informed about every question asked– considering wildlife, culture and geographical situation. As it was a small tour – he made me (and the fellow couple on the tour) feel very special. Exceptional Kangaroo Island truly kept their promise – good food (delicious whiting cooked on the barbeque), good wine (beautiful sauvignon blanc from the island) and wildlife in the wild (we saw a wide range of animals from kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, an echidna, wedge-tailed eagles to ants, butterflies, and all sorts of insects). I can only highly recommend this business. I will be back to take another tour with you – maybe next year?! Thanks Janet & Craig and the exceptional friendly office staff.”
Manja, Germany

“Having travelled all seven continents now, we can say with confidence and experience that you are one of THE BEST guides we have ever had!!!”  
Valerie and Carol – Tennessee, USA

“We didn’t know what to expect – our lunch was perfect! The presentation was lovely” 
Pat & John

“It was a delicious meal both days. I never expected such delicious food and wine on an adventure tour. I wish we had known how wonderful the tours and area are…we would have planned more time on Kangaroo Island.” 

Janna and Kyle – USA

“My wife and I just returned from our Australia and New Zealand holiday and wanted to tell you that our Kangaroo Island visit on your tour was one of the highlights of a month’s travel. The food at lunch was some of the best we had on vacation.” 
Bill and Darlene

“The fish was delicious, the grilled cheese divine, and the salad the freshest on our whole trip.” 
Patti and Bill

“As we are not usually “tour” people, it is high praise indeed to say that we feel that it was far better than if we had toured alone and we saw much more wildlife than we would have too. A tour that really lives up to its name!” 
Patricia, Jan, Greg & Dominic – UK

“It was an exciting, interesting and amazing experience. The Island, or better, the spots we saw were very beautiful.”  
Mauri & Veronica – Italy

“Definitely the highlight and best two days of our trip. From the outdoor teatime along the river to the unbelievable grilled fish, grilled cheese (yes, grilled cheese) fresh salad and wine, to the remarkable guide, the first day was truly exceptional. The things that we got to see up close and personal were sensational”
Barbara and Wayne

“Can’t say enough good things about our experience! Made us fall in love with KI.” 
Rob and Susan

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