Definitely the highlight and best two days of our trip. From the outdoor teatime along the river to the unbelievable grilled fish, grilled cheese (yes, grilled cheese) fresh salad and wine, to the remarkable guide, the first day was truly exceptional. The things that we got to see up close and personal were sensational

Good Food

Good food, good wine & wildlife in the wild

At Exceptional Kangaroo Island, we are not just about the wildlife and scenery. Our motto is good food, good wine and wildlife in the wild - not 'gourmet' but good food and wine. Our chef Chan Thornley prepares delicious condiments and dressings to complement the fresh local produce on our menu. We take pride in consistency, freshness and presentation of all meals prepared.


Download and get baking!

Recipes for Kangaroo Island Chocolate Cake, Anzacs, Lamingtons and Carrot & Walnut Cake

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Exceptional Kangaroo Island tours - bush barbequeIngredients are personally sourced or acquired through providores with whom we have a long association such as cheese from Island Pure Sheep Dairy, free-range corn fed chicken, King George whiting, and some wonderful home-made cakes.

Our meals are prepared in a manner which you can easily replicate at home – not fussy, just simple fresh food well prepared and presented – and enjoyed outdoors! Although a majority of our guests dine in great restaurants with quite complex foods throughout their travels, the chance to enjoy simple fresh flavours is very well received.

Wines are chosen to complement our food and style – smaller producers who focus on quality not quantity. Having said that, we recognise that you might want to enjoy wines discovered with us once you return home so can advise where they are available locally and abroad. Wines include Lake Breeze from Langhorne Creek, and local wines False Cape, Bay of Shoals, The Rookery and Islander Estate Vineyard.

If you have special needs in terms of food allergies, cultural dietary code or other requirements please give us exact details when booking. By exact details – if your diet is “vegetarian” we need to know how you interpret that – if we know what you can or cannot eat we are best prepared to meet your needs.

"The lunch was one of the best meals we had during our entire trip. Jan says the salad was 'the best'..."