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Exceptional Intern Opportunity

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We were approached by our friends at Down Under Answers in Seattle to see if we were able to host an Intern for the summer and were able to do so. We asked Grace to write a blog covering some of her experiences – this is her summary. Name: Grace Age: 20 University: San Diego State University Major:…
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Top 4 activities for family holidays on Kangaroo Island

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Travelling with children or young adults can add an exciting element to a vacation or holiday. Without plenty of activities it can be challenging – does “I’m bored” or “Are we there yet?” sound familiar. We have pulled together some of the must-do activities to help you plan your visit to Kangaroo Island – the Top 4!…
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Travelling with allergies - be prepared with the right medicine

Travelling safely to remote areas

We recently had a guest who had severe allergies and a single bee sting ended up as a life threatening incident. The guest had 2 epi-pens with them but given the remote location where the incident occurred this was only just enough medication to get them to medical care – they could have used a third! As a result of this experience we thought it would be useful to ask one of the local Doctors who has extensive experience in remote medicine to write up his recommendations.

One of the joys of travelling to remote parts of Kangaroo Island – and other parts of the world, is just that, it is remote. You with your family and friends will enjoy seeing our wonderful flora and fauna as it should be seen – far from the madding crowd.

With such travel, however, come potential challenges, particularly if you or one of your party is at risk of anaphylaxis. Rest assured Kangaroo Island has an excellent Hospital, staffed by equally excellent Nurses and Doctors trained in emergency medicine.

You should plan ahead to make your trip as safe as it can be:
– Carry a letter outlining Past Medical History, Allergies, and Current Medications
– Take out Top Level Travel/Medical Insurance.
– Ensure you carry an “Emergency Kit” fully stocked with all Emergency drugs including TWO EpiPens, Steroids and Antihistamines. Please note it is highly recommended that you travel with TWO EpiPens (Epinephrine or Adrenalin Auto-injector)
– Ensure your Kit also contains an up to date “Emergency Plan” for pre-hospital management including names of drugs, dosage to be given, and timing recommended.
– Ensure members of your party, and your tour guide know of your condition and where your Emergency Kit can be found.

With apologies to Eisenhower I firmly believe that “In preparing for travel I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Dr Gerome van der Linden
Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic

Be prepared when travelling remotely with allergies - consider epipens and other medical supplies

Our guests were in a remote location photographing kangaroos when a bee sting occurred – having the right medicine saved the day.

National Geographic features Exceptional Kangaroo Island

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November 2015 saw Exceptional Kangaroo Island hosting a team of writers, photographers and videographers exploring the wildlife and landscapes of Kangaroo Island as part of a broader South Australian visit. Links are provided to both the video and online magazine.

Craig Wickham rated in the Top 5 favourite guides by OutsideGo

Craig Wickham rated in the Top 5 favourite guides by OutsideGo

Exceptional Kangaroo Island owner and wildlife guide Craig Wickham was honoured amongst the Top 5 favourite wildlife guides by respected tour operator OutsideGo. Craig was listed with

Tuleto James Segeny from Home Sweet Bush Home, Kenya
Tom Loughlin from Kiwi Majesty, New Zealand
Paul Joynson-Hicks from Tanzania Photographic Odyssey and
Francisco Escobar from Nimmo Bay Resort, British Columbia

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The team at Exceptional Kangaroo Island has again been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for 2016, adding to those received in 2013, 2014 and 2015. This award recognises businesses which consistently receives top ratings from traveller reviews. Common messages in all of our reviews are the warmth and knowledge of our guides, the delicious food served in spectacular locations, and of course the wildlife encounters we are lucky enough to share every day with our guests.

Google+ Listing

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Exceptional Kangaroo Island Google+ page added to our Social Media suite.

Australia In Style now published as E Book

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AUSTRALIA IN STYLE: THE BIBLE OF LUXURY TRAVEL IN AUSTRALIA Australia in Style features 31 high-end properties from across Australia, showcased in both a quality Coffee-table book and E-book Australia in Style tells the stories of 31 high-end properties from across the continent. Remote resorts, private islands, working cattle stations and exceptional eco-experiences are showcased…
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